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The aim of RGI, in the field of cultural heritage, is not only to be a pioneer for the anoxic method, but is also to find new solutions for the preservation and conservation of artworks.  The commitment of RGI is to obtain the best result respecting people, environment and all the artworks. For these reasons, RGI has always gladly accepted suggestions from clients in order to create new products, regardless they come from a simple innovative idea or a more defined requirement.

The process is simple: each customer’s idea will be analyzed by the staff of RGI who, with the customer’s collaboration, define the principal characteristics of the needed product/service; the next step will be the verification phase where it is drawn a feasibility card and a draft of the costs; if this step is approved by the client, the required product is engineered, the technical projects, 3D designs and a more accurate estimate of the costs are carried out; at a later stage the product is manufactured, possibly preceded from a prototype, breaking down the boundary between what once was just an idea and a running product that meets the customer’s needs.

Some examples of this tendency for change and innovation and this attention to customers’ needs are the many optional devices that have been designed for the most popular RGI machines (VELOXY®, CONSERVER®, ABIOS®).

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you require any information, our references or further details about our machineries: it will be a real pleasure for us.
For any technical or commercial information about products please, contact us directly, or fill out our contact request form by clicking HERE.