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The Offer

RGI has been working with prestigious Cultural Institutions in many countries for over 10 years, since in 1998 the Research Team of SAVE ART Project were constituted and consequently, as mentioned, originated the VELOXY® System for anoxic disinfestations. This working Team was formed by the Central Science Laboratory of London, the Naturhistorika Riksmuseet of Stockholm, the Investigationes Biològicas Centre of Madrid, the Central Institute for Book Pathology of Rome and our Company RGI as the Coordinator of the Project.

In all these years, an increasing number of customers, both foreign and in Italy, have bought the machineries manufactured by RGI (VELOXY®, CONSERVER®, ABIOS®) or used  the services that RGI provides to its customers.

The mission of the Company is realized in a diversified offer dedicated to the World of Cultural Heritage:

1.       Sale of Systems

VELOXY ®, CONSERVER ®, ABIOS ®, Vacuumart,   Climate Control,  Gas-tight Chamber , Modified Atmosphere Cases, Special Machines, on project or specific customized requirements.

2.         Services

Pest control,  Disinfection,  Dust removal, Transfer of artworks and paper material, Vacuum packaging, Labelling, Cataloguing, Special Projects.

3.       Sales of accessories and consumables products

Gas-tight plastic film, Oxygen Analyzers, Heat Sealer, material for the connection and much more.

4.       Environmental fumigation

It is a permethrin-based process that reaches every corner of a closed environment.

5.       Spray

Spraying of wooden beams or other material by using the famous PERMETAR, through a high pressurespraying system.

6.       Research and Development


7.       Expert Advice


Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you require any information, our references or further details about our machineries: it will be a real pleasure for us.

We would like to remind our availability to perform a free survey at your Organization. You can contact us directly or filling out our contact form by clicking HERE

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