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Permethrine Fumigation


RGI is totally present in the field of conservation and preservation of Cultural Heritage.

Even though the main success of RGI is represented by natural and innovative products, such as the VELOXY® method, there are some situations where natural, safe and effective solutions are still being studied.   

In particular, it involves all the situations where infested objects could be wooden beams, floors, building fixtures and environments themselves, instead of a statue, a painting or a book. In these cases, using the anoxic method becomes more complex and expensive since a whole room should be treated. However, it must be known that RGI has already dealt with such interventions successfully on various occasions.

Sometimes, in these situations, it is necessary to resort to chemical methods. However, only the best available products are used and sold by RGI in order to guarantee both the maximum efficiency and artworks’ and people’s safety. Hence, it has been chosen to use permethrin-based products that are harmless to people but effective against parasitic organisms. In fact, these products are successfully used against woodworms, various infesting and parasitic organisms, such as lice and scabies, and for controlling cockroaches, termites, ants, and even little rodents.

Permethrin-based chemicals can be used in different ways and consequently, RGI uses those which have been deemed the most effective:



This method implies spreading the Permethrin through the smoke, so that every environment’s corner can be reached, regardless its size and complexity. RGI employs operational protocols to ensure the maximum effectiveness; the used products (Parmefum) provide a dense and persistent smoke which maximises the results.


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