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Anoxic Disinfestation



The anoxic disinfestation is the only method in the world that completely eliminates parasitic insects, such as woodworns (Anobium punctatum, Xestobium rufovillosum, Nicobium castaenum, Lictus Brunneus etc), silverfish, common furniture beetles and so on, that damage wood, paper and any organic material that may be present in Artworks.

A further advantage, which distinguishes the anoxic method from anyone else, is its complete safety that allows treating artworks even only for preventive purposes without any probability of being compromised.  

Disinfestations are carried out through the Veloxy ® system which is absolutely ecological as it does not imply using toxic chemical substances that are harmful both to animals, workers, and people who may be get in contact with treated objects and because they can be inevitably adsorbed.

Provided treatments depend on damage objects, the kind of damage, its severity and the conservation environment’s characteristics.

The Veloxy ® system implies eliminating the oxygen from the air where artworks are temporarily left, so that they are kept into an anoxic atmosphere.                                                                                      A specific compressor sends the atmospheric air to the Veloxy ® that separates nitrogen and oxygen, sending only the former into a gastight enclosure, specifically heat sealed and assembled with a multilayer gastight plastic film. 

The artworks must be kept in that atmosphere for about 21 days and, after that all the parasitic organisms, at each stage of their life cycle: adult, pupae, larvae and even eggs, will be eliminated.

Allo scopo è indicato l'impiego del Conserver che sottrae completamente l'aria da apposite buste, nelle quali sono sistemate le opere da proteggere e conservare, e ne sigilla i lembi.


Our treatments can be carried out on site because of the Veloxy manageability; moreover the gastight plastic film can be tailored allowing to move artworks as little as possible. Artworks could also be left in the original preservation position without entailing any danger or inconvenience.

It is advisable to preserve books, newspapers and small objects under vacuum in order to ensure a resulting inalterability against new parasitic organisms such as fungi, spores, viruses and bacteria.

That can be achieved by using the Conserver since it allows both removing completely the air from specific envelopes where the artworks are put and sealing the envelopes edges.


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