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Natural History Museums


RGI bioSteryl Tech Ltd is a well-known and appreciated engineering company that works in the field of Cultural Heritage, throughout the world

RGI products and services for Museums, Art Galleries and Conservation Institutes are diversified. In fact, apart from manufacturing and selling innovative and effective machineries for the care and preservation of artworks, RGI provides customers with services mostly carried out by using its own machineries.

RGI has been intensively collaborating for many years with important Natural History Museums both in Italy and abroad, by both selling its products (VELOXY, CONSERVER, ABIOS) and providing its services. Natural History Museums are very “appetizing” for infesting insects due to the particular characteristics of the preserved collections and it entails the success of the VELOXY and the anoxic disinfestations which are simple, environmentally-friendly, effective and harmless.  

It must be pointed out that the Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet located in Stockholm (Sweden) collaborated to the SAVE ART Research Project where the VELOXY was thought up. Consequently, it can be said that the VELOXY was born in a Natural History Museum.

The VELOXY has been used in different Natural History Museums such as: Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto (Canada) and the Technische Museum in Vienna (Austria).



1.       Products on sale

a.   The VELOXY® is a full-equipped system that can be used for the anoxic disinfestations against infesting parasitic, among which the most well-known are woodworms. The VELOXY® is the first system in the world that makes the most of studies and theories regarding the effectiveness of the anoxic method used for disinfestations of organic materials, in particular for applications in Cultural Heritage. Starting from what was just a theoretical concept; RGI designed the first VELOXY® prototype in the nineties that was later used to develop the operational protocols for anoxic treatments through the European SAVE-ART Project.

Although, at the beginning, The VELOXY® system represented the result of pioneering studies carried out by RGI and other researchers, today it symbolizes the reality of anoxic application and has been spread worldwide.

In fact, the VELOXY® is used in some of the most prestigious museums in the world: The Natural History Museums located in Vienna (Austria) and Stockholm (Sweden), the Hermitage Museum located in St. Petersburg (Russia), the National Museum located in Stockholm (Sweden), the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto (Canada), the National Art Gallery located in Siena (Italy) and the Quirinal Palace (Italy).

Click here to obtain further information about the VELOXY®

b.   The CONSERVER® was devised for the vacuum preservation of paper materials, whereas its versatility has allowed treating different kinds of materials such as wood and metal. The CONSERVER® has been designed by considering the specific Libraries and Archives’ needs and now is widespread among them. The CONSERVER® is definitely a landmark both in Italy and Europe due to continuous technical-functional improvements and in spite of being imitated by some other companies. It is suitable for the preservation of any book, magazine, newspaper or archival material that is wanted to be protected against any possible atmospheric hazard (dust, moisture, oxidizing agents, pollutants).   

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c.   The ABIOS® is a machine, designed and patented by RGI, used for the air disinfection through the sterilization of atmospheric dust (particulate) in confined environments. Among the main causes of cultural heritage deterioration there are the biological ones. The ABIOS® was devised for preventing the arising of damages caused by xilophages insects and microorganisms such as fungi, molds, viruses and bacteria. In fact, preventing is cheaper than treating artworks once they have already been damaged.

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RGI provides customers with the necessary products for monitoring the environmental climatic conditions. The provided equipment can be used through a wi-fi network, so that it is possible to check the temperature and humidity conditions from any PC through the supplied free software. Despite the extreme accuracy of instruments, RGI products are also very inexpensive and can be easily installed.

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RGI is specialised in setting-up showcases that can be equipped with the most modern atmosphere control system; they can be used to preserve the Artworks in an anoxic atmosphere which is best barrier for pest infestation and microorganisms. The cases can be also equipped with a temperature and relative humidity control and can be controlled at a distance.

Click here to obtain further information about the Cases characterised by a modified atmosphere


2.       Services

a.   Disinfestations and Disinfection: RGI provides customers with a 100% effective and safe disinfestations against infesting insects among which the dreaded woodworm. The success of the VELOXY® system, due to its efficiency and rapidity, has allowed RGI carrying out numerous and various anoxic disinfestations treatments in Museums, located both in Italy and abroad, for more than 10 years. Consequently, RGI has gain unique experience in this field. The success of RGI is due to:

  • The competence and expertise of its staff,

  • The effectiveness of their treatments,

  • The unique opportunity of associating disinfestations and disinfection due to the integration of the VELOXY® System and the ABIOS®,

  • Its high-quality services and the pursuit of continuous improvements,

  • An optimal ratio between quality and cheapness

The success of RGI disinfestations and disinfection treatments has continued to grow due to the VELOXY® unique technological characteristics, in terms of size and weight, which permit it to be adapted to any logistic situation and not to move the artworks from their contexts.

As a further demonstration of specialization, expertise and quality, it must be emphasized that all the RGI services are carried out through pieces of equipment that are designed and manufactured by RGI.

RGI guarantees a public-liability insurance up to &e

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