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RGI bioSteryl Tech Ltd is an engineering company that operates in the field of Cultural Heritage, well-known and appreciated throughout the world.

RGI products and services for Libraries, Archives and Conservation Institutes in general are diversified. In fact, apart from manufacturing and selling innovative and effective machineries for the care and preservation of artworks, RGI provides customers with services mostly carried out by using its own machineries.

RGI has been intensively collaborating for many years with important Libraries and Archives, both in Italy and abroad, by both selling its products (VELOXY, CONSERVER, ABIOS) and providing its services. It can be mentioned, among others, the Marciana Library in Venice (Italy), the Apostolic Vatican Library, the Secret Vatican Archives, the British Library in London (United Kingdom), the Royal Libraries in Rabat and Marrakesh (Morocco) and several State Archives in Italy.


1.       Services

a.   Disinfestations and Disinfection. RGI provides its customers with the innovative anoxic disinfestations through the VELOXY® System. Sometimes, the disinfestations of paper materials could be particularly delicate as the paper tends to adsorb chemical more than other materials, therefore it is strongly advised against, in particular if the book could be consulted. Thanks to the VELOXY®, disinfestations become 100% safe and effective.

The long-standing experience in anoxic disinfestations of paper material, gained by RGI, is unique in the field as demonstrated by all the different treatments carried out in numerous conservation institutes where VELOXY® has been used.

The success of RGI disinfestations and disinfection treatments has continued to grow due to the VELOXY® unique technological characteristics, in terms of size and weight, which permit it to be adapted to any logistic situation and not to move the artworks from their context. In particular, RGI has developed particular treatments that can be adapted to any kind of context; for example the method of the shelves involves running the anoxic treatment by assembling small enclosures with a size equal to the available space on the shelves, permitting to treat the paper material in its usual location.

RGI guarantees a public-liability insurance up to € 500,000 for the provided services.

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b.   Dusting. RGI provides customers with a professional dusting service for paper material. In order to optimize the quality, efficiency and costs, the service can be performed in different ways, depending on the type of artworks, their value and quality, their location and their conservation conditions.

Exploiting its specialization on Cultural Heritage, RGI provides customers with an entirely manual Dusting Service using the SPIRABILIA fume hood equipped with HEPA filters. Alternatively, it can be chosen the manual aspiration service, which is carried out without using the fume hood, but through a suction device equipped with HEPA filters. This service is faster and cheaper, but it guarantees a meticulous and careful treatment towards treated materials.

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c.   Cataloguing. RGI provides customers with cataloguing services by either exploiting its own prearranged schemes or developing an ex-novo cataloguing system, according to customers’ needs. It is also provided a labelling service in order to distinguish the catalogued material.

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d.    Labelling. It is provided a labelling service for paper material or stored material in general. It can also be labelled new materials, that has to be included in collections that have already been branded, or material that has already been catalogued.

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e.   Vacuum storage. Sometimes storage environments come up as untidy places due to previous relocations or simply because the stored material have been improperly located. RGI has often dealt with situations where the files were stacked in cardboard boxes or, even worse, broken into individual pages that are usually hard to be reorganised. Through the CONSERVER®, RGI provide customers with vacuum storage of any paper material, regardless it is compact or in separated pages, so that the preservation, storage and cataloguing are safe and simple.

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f.   Transfer/relocation of materials. The transfer of book and archive material and its handling is generally a delicate operation, often underestimated, which may cause damages if it is managed by expert hands. RGI provides its customers with the transfer services of books, folders and other paper materials, assuring that the relocation is carried out with the utmost respect for the material.

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g.   Environmental cleaning. During its activities, RGI has often worked in conservation sites which, for many reasons, were not cleaned enough. Sometimes the importance of cleanliness is underestimated, whereas it should be considered that a clean and dust-free environment is crucial both for the proper artworks preservation and preventing insects’ and microorganisms’ infestations. For this reason, high-quality cleaning and dusting services are provided and carried out by RGI staffs that have gained long-standing experience in the field of Cultural Heritage preservation, where it is required much more attention than common cleaning and dusting operations.

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h.   Special projects. Libraries’ needs are various and depend on their specific characteristics, their organization and the types of collections. The success of RGI has always been characterised by its unique ability to adapt to complexities, which are due to different factors, by carrying out projects or customised action plans, thanks to its knowledge and unique experiences and to great engineering & technological skills.

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2.       Products on sale

a.   The VELOXY® is a full-equipped system that can be used for the anoxic disinfestation against parasitic infestations, among which the most well-known are woodworms. The VELOXY® is the first system in the world that makes the most of studies and theories regarding the effectiveness of the anoxic method used for disinfestations of organic materials, in particular for applications in Cultural Heritage. Starting from what was just a theoretical concept; RGI designed the first VELOXY® prototype in the nineties that was later used to develop the operational protocols for anoxic treatments through the European SAVE-ART Project.

Although, at the beginning, The VELOXY® system represented the result of pioneering studies carried out by RGI and other researchers, today it symbolizes the reality of anoxic application and is spread worldwide.

In fact, the VELOXY® is used in some of the most prestigious museums in the world: The Natural History Museums located in Vienna (Austria) and Stockholm (Sweden), the Hermitage Museum located in St. Petersburg (Russia), the National Museum located in Stockholm (Sweden), the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto (Canada), the National Art Gallery located in Siena (Italy) and the Quirinal Palace (Italy).

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b.      The CONSERVER® was devised for the vacuum preservation of paper materials, whereas its versatility has allowed treating different kinds of materials such as wood and metal. The CONSERVER® has been designed by considering the specific Libraries and Archives’ needs of Libraries and now is widespread among them. The CONSERVER® is definitely a landmark both in Italy and Europe due to continuous technical-functional improvements and in spite of being imitated by some other companies. It is suitable for the preservation of any book, magazine, newspaper or archival material that are wanted to be protected against any possible atmospheric danger (dust, moisture, oxidizing agents, pollutants).

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c.       The ABIOS® is a machine, designed and patented by RGI, used for the air disinfection through the sterilization of atmospheric dust (particulate) in confined environments. Among the main causes of cultural heritage deterioration there are the biological ones. The ABIOS® was devised for preventing the arising of damages caused by xilophages insects and microorganisms such as fungi, molds, viruses and bacteria. In fact, the prevention is cheaper than treating artworks once they have already been damaged.

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RGI provides customers with the necessary products for monitoring the environmental climatic conditions. The provided equipment can be used through a wi-fi network, so that it is possible to check the temperature and humidity conditions from any PC through the supplied free software. Despite the extreme accuracy of instruments, RGI products are also very inexpensive and can be easily installed.

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RGI is specialised in setting-up showcases that can be equipped with the most modern atmosphere control system; they can be used to preserve the Artworks in an anoxic atmosphere which is best barrier for pest infestation and microorganisms. The cases can be also equipped with a temperature and relative humidity control and can be controlled at a distance.

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3.       Research and Development

a.   Since it was established, RGI has always been strongly focused on its technological development and innovation. The VELOXY® System and the ABIOS® are the results of that and they represent concrete and effective industrial and market successes.

b.    RGI tends to update and improve its knowledge and, as its history shows, it is always ready to meet new challenges that may both lead to further technological improvements and help to develop new methodologies for both the preservation and conservation of Cultural Heritage.

c.   All the provided Systems - VELOXY®, CONSERVER®, ABIOS® - are designed and manufactured by RGI, exploiting its know-how. Moreover RGI is directly committed to guarantee 24/7 year-round support, assistance and maintenance services.   

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4.       Consulting

a.   The knowledge and skills of RGI professionals, as well as the long-standing experience that has been gained over time, allow providing customers with assistance and consulting in the IPM field, identifying the best strategies for protecting and preserving the Cultural Heritage in Libraries.

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Business information

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