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Setting-up showcase

RGI is not only a pioneer and leader for the anoxic method in Cultural Heritage applications, but is also constantly involved to find new solutions for the preservation and conservation of Artworks. 
The commitment of RGI is to obtain the best result respecting people, environment and all the pieces of art. For these reasons, RGI has always gladly accepted suggestions from clients in order to create new products, regardless they come from a simple innovative idea or a more defined requirement.
All artworks deserve to be preserved and displayed with systems and methods that can ensure the best efficiency of conservation and physical protection but unfortunately, this is not always possible.
According to the law UNI EN 15757, the best storage conditions are obtained when an ideal range of Temperature and Relative Humidity is respected, and the storage place is located in hostile environments for the proliferation of parasites and microorganisms. Although the ideal microclimatic conditions are a good solution, artworks are hardly protected from biological infestations.
For these reasons, RGI provides its customers with a special product that combines different engineering solutions in order to guarantee the best protection for artworks.
In particular, RGI propose to setting-up your showcases with air-conditioning installations, with electronic control, but the best solution proposed is the installation of a device capable of maintaining an internal anoxic environmental that is completely sterile and cannot be attacked by biological parasites.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you require any information, our references or further details about our machineries: it will be a real pleasure for us.
For any technical or commercial information about products please, contact us directly, or fill out our contact request form by clicking HERE.